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Welcome to BizPlanShop!

BizPlanShop is a financial blog that provides you with the best financial guidance. Here you will find the simple ways to get financial freedom, by understanding all the concepts of personal finance and money hacks.

At BizPlanShop we are committed to excelling in providing financial knowledge for those who are financially broken and want to creep on the ladder that leads to financial freedom. We are on a mission to spread financial education in a very simple language across the globe.

How My Blog Will Help You

  • How to manage your financial resources to get the maximum benefits
  • How to ride the horse that goes to the realm of financial freedom
  • How to make prudent investments while minimizing risk
  • How to break the financial barriers to getting succeed
  • How to get out of debt and become wealthy with no money

Who is Ghulam Qadir!

Hello there, I am Mr.Ghulam Qadir the creator of BizPlanShop and the chief Operating Officer at JIT Consulting. I came from a very poor but noble family hailing from the very beautiful and remote area of Pakistan – “Gilgit Baltistan”. Although I have faced the toughest financial meltdowns in my professional career, but did my MBA (Masters in Business Administration) in the year 2013, specializing in finance. I have done many jobs in the financial industry and got hands-on experience in finance.

Back in 2020, there was a Covid-19 pandemic, and the financial position of everyone going to worsen. At that time I thought that why I do not start a personal finance blog, where I can utilize my past finance experience to help improve myself as well as others, in that way I have started BizPlanShop.

Just like everyone, I too had not been taught financial education in regular schooling, so, I am not a certified financial planner, I am not a licensed financial broker nor I am an advisor or coach on finance. 

I am a person who has just learned financial education through practical experiences on trial and error bases.

When it comes to earning your money, your plan and actions matter more than your certifications.

Here is the important thing, I am not a perfect man, we are all human, and learn from each other. The more we will understand will help each other in a better way.

Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

This is the strategy that I have followed throughout my all blog posts to explain the financial hacks in a way that everyone as a layman will be able to read and understand. So my aim is to focus on uncovering the complexity of money and finance for a common person who can understand and implement it to improve their living.

Thank you very much for visiting our website. I am highly in need of your support and love.

No matter what your level of crypto knowledge is, we are always happy to see you on our site! We have all the information for newbies and expert users, so join the community and stay informed!

Jason Lee

Jason Lee


I like working with your awesome products, as well as creative agents. They always stay positive and professional, and can teach about crypto world a lot! Thank you for always thinking out of the box.

Mandy Smith

Mandy Smith


Thank you for always fresh news and quality customer service. If it wasn’t for your blog, we would have missed multiple useful tips about mining. I will definitely recommend your site to everyone!

Michael Jones

Michael Jones


The Best Financial Guide!