In this article, we will discuss the top 15 best income-generating assets in 2021. If you want to achieve financial freedom but were not born a millionaire, nor are you a Hollywood star or a world-class footballer, you need to start generating passive income.

What is Passive Income?

Before we get into the matter, let’s agree on what we mean by passive income.

Passive income is that which is generated automatically without this involving an additional investment in time or money.

Once you have started them, they continue to provide you with money without having to dedicate more resources to them. This way you earn income while doing other things, be it work, travel or even sleep.

Types of Income

There are three types of income, which are as under.

Income for time:

are those where you exchange your time for money. Most people have jobs of this type, where they pay you a salary of X money per month. The problem is that this greatly reduces your ability to generate income since you are limited by the time you have.

Income by the result:

Does not depend directly on the time spent, but on the results achieved. Many commercial or self-employment jobs are like this: If you own a shoe store, you will earn more money based on the number of shoes you sell, regardless of how long it took you to do so.

Passive income:

They can depend on the results, but they do not require you to dedicate more time or effort to them to continue generating money. They do it on autopilot.

The internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities to generate passive income. Unlike what happened a few years ago, today you can achieve passive income with little investment or computer skills. Now it is possible to create multiple sources of passive income anytime, anywhere.

Here, we will discuss one by one some important income-generating assets.

1- Start Your Own Business.

To set up your own business is really a great income-generating asset, although it is not an easy job, it requires your passion, money, and hardworking. Once you have set up a system of your business then it will be your  best passive income in 2021.

They are only passive income if said business continues to operate without you having to supervise or manage it. If not, your business or company is another job position where the only difference is that you do not have a single boss but your clients are your bosses.

You should create a system, business setup that works for you.

2 – Dividend Paying Stocks

Dividend-paying stocks are a blue-chip company, which offers a dividend to their shareholders quarterly and annually. The dividend is the share profit of the shareholder, when the company earns a profit, it will distribute some set profit to its shareholders.

Dividend-Paying Stocks

This is a steady, reliable, and best income-generating asset to invest in 2021. Before investing in these assets you should go with thorough research of the companies where you want to invest in. The rate of dividend-paying to shareholders is different from company to company.

3 – Investment in Bonds


in bonds is just like a Certificate of Deposits, the only difference is, in bonds you are giving your money to the Government or state own corporations, not banks. They work similarly to CDs.

Invest in Bonds

Investment in Bonds is a more secure and stable income generating asset to buy. It is also a guaranteed flow of a fixed steady income.

Bonds are basically loans which an investor gives to the Government or a state-owned company to receive a fixed income over a fixed period of time. You will receive a fixed amount of income over a fixed time period in the shape of interest. When your bond is matured you will get back your principal amount.

4 – Certificates of Deposit.

It is a type of low-risk investment offered by banks. It’s very simple, your loan to a bank for a fixed time, short term, medium, or long term, and you will be offered interest on your principal amount. The longer your time period more you earned and vice versa.

These are more similar to saving accounts in the bank, the only difference is, and you are not allowed to access your money for a certain period of time, without a penalty.

5- Make Your Blog / Website

The most important way to generate passive income is to start a blog. It is a best asset to generate a great deal of income, but it won’t be quick. If you plan to start a blog, you need to understand that it will take a great deal of time and effort to make it successful.


Regardless of what your niche is, as long as you have a clear understanding of things like search engine optimization, social media marketing, and the ability to write quality content, you will be successful with your blog. Once it becomes famous, it gives you the platform and the audience to generate other sources of income by promoting relevant products and/or services for your readers. It’s my favourite and best passive income-generating asset.

6 – Create a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel and publishing your videos will allow you to earn passive money with advertising as they achieve views.

YouTube Channel

However, if you really want to earn a significant amount of money, you will have to spend time on it. Most professional YouTubers dedicate entire working hours to their channel.

Having a channel on YouTube and learning how to create viral videos is the key to generate passive income online.

Acquire the ability to upload videos on a topic that interests YouTube users. and you are passionate about it, it can get you significant income month after month.

Once you have your channel and comply with the YouTube rules to monetize it, then you will know that your effort and creativity will pay off.

7- Write An e-Book.

Another great way to generate a respectable amount of passive income in 2021 is to write and publish an e-book. Write an eBook on any subject that you are passionate about and put it up for sale on platforms like Amazon.


Through this simple but lucrative process, you can earn commissions every time someone buys your e-book.

Non-fiction books that help you educate your audience on topics like digital marketing, business, or any other area of development will sell much better than fiction books.

8 – Be An Affiliate.

You create a blog focused on a specific market niche, position it in that niche, and charge commissions every time a person enters your blog and buys a product.

Be An Affiliate

And not only that, nowadays you don’t even need to have a website; you can simply create a YouTube channel and make product reviews to promote with your affiliate links.

This investment plan becomes very lucrative since you don’t need a lot of investment and you don’t need to be the owner of the product. Just drive “targeted traffic” to your video, blog, or other platform presentations.

9- Do Affiliate Marketing

I love this system madly. Thanks to him I got the financial freedom necessary to quit my job and focus on my personal projects.

Affiliate Marketing

How does affiliation marketing work?

With affiliate marketing, companies pay you for each sale that you refer to them through your website.

The most common strategy is to create a website where you publish analyses and recommendations of a type of product. For each client that you send them through your links, the seller will give you a commission.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful ways to generate multiple passive incomes, however, it is by no means easy. To achieve this you need to have a large fan base, that is, you need a large audience and a good platform.

When you don’t have this audience or the platform you need to run ads, which drives up your costs. If you know what you are doing and are a good digital marketer, you will be successful. But learning from the business takes time. Still, it’s a great way to sell products and services that aren’t yours and to become something of an ambassador while making money.

10 – Provide Online Training

If you have certain knowledge and technical skills about a topic (being in shape, making money with a blog, cooking, finding a partner …) you create a complete course and upload it to affiliate platforms such as Click bank, where hundreds or thousands of affiliates are responsible for selling your product.

Online Training

You can sell this type of training or course and offer incentives to affiliates who can promote your product if it is really worth it.

11- Sell Passive Courses or Services on a Blog

The idea is to create a blog where you write content on a topic that you like and master (productivity, emotional intelligence, travel, seduction, etc.), position yourself as an expert, create a passive product, and sell it.

A passive product could be a pdf course, a video course with recorded classes, a book, or an area of the blog exclusively for subscribers.

That is, anything that you can create once and forget about it, and that costs you the same to sell one then two hundred.

12- A Digital Asset with Digital Products

This is the most lucrative income-generating asset from a digital asset. A digital asset is an info-product that can be sold on the Internet and can generate recurring income month after month and year after year.

For this type of asset, the sky’s the limit, since you can easily create info products or promote digital affiliate products and earn juicy commissions per sale.

Digital Assets

This modality is the most growing today since it allows ordinary people to passively generate income in 2021 with products that they do not have to attend to and are sold automatically.

13- Network Marketing or Multilevel.

Robert Kiyosaki, renowned author of the book series “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” talks in his book “The Business of the XXI Century” about the importance of working in a multilevel company.

Network Marketing

Companies like Herbalife allow you to work promoting their products and at the same time creating your own network of workers. You get commissions for the work and sales that your network members get.

If you have already been or are multilevel, you will find it helpful to know that there are modern and effective ways to prospect on the Internet and create a community that wants to participate in your network without disturbing anyone.

14 – Online Advertising.

You create a blog and get it to receive enough web traffic to earn passive income with advertising platforms like Google AdSense. The downside is that in order to make a living from Google AdSense, your blog needs to receive thousands of visits a day. 

15 – Dropshipping – Best Income generating Asset

The dropshipping system is an income producing asset with an eCommerce without having to make shipments or manage stocks. Thus it becomes a totally passive method.


The idea is to create a website that acts as an online store where you will attract customers and collect orders, and partner with a manufacturer or wholesaler to take care of shipments.

There are programs that send the order data to the manufacturer in real-time. This way you can get the product to the customer without your intervention is necessary.

The profit margin of drop shipping can reach 50%. The main disadvantage is that you are not in control of the delivery and status of the merchandise.

That means that, if the shipment does not arrive or a return has to be attended to, the customers will complain to you and you will have to resolve the incident with the manufacturer.

My Final Word

However, please before going to invest your hard-earned money in any company, platform and system make sure you have deep research about that to avoid any future financial loss..


We recommend investing in a stock market investment. This is because stock markets are the best way to invest your money, as they offer a higher return.

As an investor, it is important to look at the profitability of each asset you plan to invest in. Assets such as real estate and oil & gas are highly profitable, while other assets like a private company or a fund are relatively less profitable. However, the most important asset is time, and hence, you should invest in a profitable asset as soon as possible.

You can start a website, blog, and sell affiliate products online to earn money passively. To start with, go to the Amazon Affiliate program. Here you can learn about the different ways to make money online. The easiest and fastest way to start earning money is to find a product or service you love and buy it in bulk. For example, if you like cooking, you can buy food in bulk at Costco and sell it on Amazon. This will give you a steady source of revenue and you don’t need to have any special skills.

There are many things that rich people invest in. Apart from the obvious, like mansions and luxury cars, these people invest in gold, art, diamonds, and other precious items. They also invest in stocks and mutual funds, real estate, and even collect rare coins.

We recommend a short-term savings account. These are FDIC insured accounts that are open for less than 3 months. The interest rate is typically 0.5% to 1% lower than the rates on regular bank accounts.

There are several ways to double your money, but the easiest one is to invest in stocks and shares.

A good asset will be a product or a service that will still be in demand in 2022. The demand for this asset will increase in the future, and the price of this asset will decrease in the future as well. It will therefore become a good investment in the long run.

Assets that generate income are usually stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate. These can also be referred to as passive income sources, since you don’t need to actively work to make money from them. They will continue to generate income without your involvement.

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