15 Simple Habits Of Rich People That Poor Don’t Follow

Hello, you are here and want to know what are the reasons that make some people rich and others remain poor. Want to know the habits of rich people so you can apply them in your own life.Right?
Well, it all starts with the right mindset, if you want to change in your life and be rich then you need to change how you think and act.
“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”– Dale Carnegie.

Habits Of Rich People

Rich People vs. Poor People There are many poor people with rich mindsets, financially poor due to circumstances and habits.

What do poor people do that rich people don’t? Does the answer hold the secret to why poor people don’t get rich? Check out this list of things poor people do that rich people don’t and find out for yourself.

1: Getting up latet

Poor people usually wake up later than the rich. And when they wake up, the poor people do whatever comes to mind at that moment. One day they had breakfast or another day they just drank coffee. Sometimes they shower in the morning; sometimes they just get dressed and go to work.

There is no routine; therefore there is no productivity in the morning. And without a productive morning routine, you don’t stand a good chance of being productive throughout the day. Rich people know this, so they get up early and use that time before work to train, spend time with family, or plan their day.

Thanks for getting up early, rich people have more time for everything they want to do. They are much more active and productive. This is the main difference between rich and poor people.

2: Eating fast food

Poor people eat a lot more fast food than rich people. It is generally associated with the health care they show. They have a habit of eating poorly, which negatively affects their health. Their success is also related to this. It’s hard to be productive, active, and successful when you’re in poor health.

Poor people think that eating good, home-made, quality food is as expensive as regular food. In fact, they end up spending more money on junk food that doesn’t keep them full for as long as healthy food. Rich people are aware of this fact and pay a lot of attention to the quality of the food they eat because they know that they have to be quite healthy and fit to achieve everything they dream of.

3: watch a lot of TV

Poor people tend to watch a lot of TV, while rich people prefer to read. Watching TV is an unproductive habit that poor people adopt when they want to take a break from daily stress. They turn off their brains, relax and watch some low-quality TV shows. This is in no way good for anyone. Everything you learn about celebrity news and other TV shows is not making you or your life better. The main difference between rich and poor people is wasting time.

It’s fine as an occasional pastime, but not as a regular activity. When rich people need to relax, they go for a walk or exercise. The point is not to engage the brain in some pointless activity that is seemingly relaxing. Try to do something that’s actually soothing and healthy for you, instead of something that’s just a distraction.

4: Playing the lotteryt

There is an undeniable increase in gambling. Bookmakers are on every corner. Research shows that gambling companies specifically target poor areas with high unemployment rates. It is not a coincidence. Poor people tend to gamble more and play the lottery because they have what is called a lottery mentality.

A lottery mentality means that people rely on chance and luck more than their own hard work and strengths. He believes in luck, but no one ever achieves anything great by wishful thinking. Rich people didn’t get rich playing the lottery. They have made many smart decisions, adopted good habits and consistently take massive decisive action.

5: Focus on obstacles, not opportunities

When poor people find some higher goal for themselves, the first thing they think is “Wow, this is going to be so hard.” They immediately start thinking about all the obstacles that await them. Sometimes their fear and discouragement become so great that they give up without even trying. This is why so many poor people never even try to achieve their dreams. They are afraid of failure, so they miss out on many good opportunities.

Wealthy people, on the other hand, don’t focus on obstacles. They think “we’ll cross that bridge when we get there”. It is not necessary to know exactly every step on the road to success. Think of some of the greatest innovators like Henry Ford and Elon Musk. The ideas of the machines they wanted to create did not yet exist. An important difference between rich and poor people. But they had the vision and the willingness to keep trying. Every obstacle is just a hidden opportunity.

6: Blaming others for their problems

Poor people tend to avoid responsibility by blaming others for their problems and misfortunes. Instead of admitting their mistakes and working to change what can be changed, they make others responsible for their mistakes. Their boss hates them, their colleagues falsely accuse them, and their mother never approves of them enough.

The list of reasons to blame others can be endless. But that is a pointless thing to do when you are facing difficulties. This path does not lead to success. A person who wants to be successful must take responsibility for his mistakes and learn from them. With responsibility comes control over your life. And that is the way to victory.

7: Avoid regular medical check-ups

Just like neglecting a healthy diet, avoiding regular preventive check-ups with a doctor is also a sign of neglecting health. Poor people do that, but rich people don’t. Rich people really take care of themselves in every aspect of life, not just their wealth. Their body is sacred to them because without a healthy body you can neither be successful nor happy. Therefore, they take regular inspections seriously.

Neglect of health and regular visits to the doctor inevitably lead to late detection of health problems. This means that treating these problems will be much more complicated, cost more money and take more time. Rich people understand this and try to prevent rather than cure. Poor people avoid taking care of their health, not realizing that this will cause even bigger problems.

8: Reading the wrong books (or none at all)

Poor people seem to read significantly less than rich people. And when they do read, they’re usually bad books. These books are not bad in themselves, but they are not right if you want to succeed. Poor people read fantasy and fiction more often. They like to escape from reality by reading fiction novels. Like watching TV or movies, reading fiction adds no value to your life.

Most rich people, on the other hand, read non-fiction, self-improvement and educational books. These are much more valuable in many ways. This kind of literature has a lot of valuable information that can help you improve your career. You can learn about starting new businesses or learning new skills. A self-help book can also give you a lot of important advice on how to be more successful, have better relationships, or even raise your children. Wealthy people choose to find the source that is the most authoritative.

9: They don't invest in themselves

There is a lot of talk these days about self-service. However, many people seem to misunderstand this term. Getting a manicure or a haircut, which is often seen as self-care, really has nothing to do with investing in you. When it comes to success, your appearance is not insignificant, but if you want to be rich, you need to invest a lot more in yourself. Poor people don’t think much about investing in themselves. They don’t see how investing in themselves pays off in the long run.

Poor people see no point in learning after a degree or in retraining and changing careers later in life. He rarely tries to improve himself or any specific skill of his. What they don’t get is that formal education allows them to earn a living, but self-improvement can make them a fortune. They usually believe that reading a book, taking a course, or working with a mentor is a waste of time and money. However, the rich people invest in them by learning new skills and increasing their worth as a person.

10: Buying things on sale

You might think that buying things on sale will save you money. This may not be the best idea you had. However, buying something that is on sale is only beneficial if you originally planned to buy it. Poor people are often led by these business tricks. They end up buying something they didn’t plan on and therefore end up spending even more money than they intended.

And all the time they think about how lucky they were. Rich people tend to make good deals. They’d rather wait for something they need at a bigger discount than buy something they don’t need just because it’s on sale.

11: Neglecting personal hygiene

Research shows that poor people neglect personal hygiene more. According to YouGov research, only two out of three people take a shower every day. Those most likely to shower once a day or more include those with higher incomes (over $80,000 per year). There are many valid reasons for being poor and not very clean, but they all usually involve extreme poverty.

However, even those who are not extremely poor seem to neglect personal hygiene. Unlike rich people, they don’t seem to see the point. The problem is that most successful jobs involve a lot of social contact. And if you don’t take care of your hygiene, you’re not likely to be successful in these jobs.

12: Not having a financial reserve saved up

Most poor people live paycheck to paycheck and pray they don’t lose their jobs. This means that they wouldn’t have enough money to make ends meet because they don’t have the financial buffer to make it until the next income arrives. Imagine a poor person with no savings loses his job. He will be forced to borrow money or sell something to pay the bills and make ends meet while looking for another job.

A rich person who has some money on the side will have enough to get them through the period of looking for a new job. Not only that, but if you have some money set aside, you can even invest it if a good opportunity presents itself. This is what rich people do. If they have a job and don’t need extra money immediately, they invest some of their savings and earn more money.

13: Spending money up front

Most poor people are almost always in debt. A big reason is that they have a habit of spending money they haven’t earned yet. They rarely plan their expenses. The poor are not reluctant to borrow money for some trivial reason, such as a weekend trip to an amusement park. This is one of the biggest dangers in life when it comes to money management. Rich people invest money before you get it can easily ruin your life.

If you want to buy something, make a plan to earn the money. Don’t be in a rush to lend or take loans, or you’ll end up even poorer. Rich people will always wait until they make enough money to buy something they want. A credit card purchase would eventually become more expensive with just the interest, so the rich know it would be a waste of money. And if they don’t have enough money for something they want, they make a plan to earn enough to afford what they want.

14: Surrounding yourself with the wrong people

You are the sum of the people you surround yourself with. If you associate with poor people, it will not help you to succeed. But poor people do exactly that. They surround themselves with other poor people with no vision and no will to change. In addition, poor people associate with people over whom they feel superior.

If you hang out with people who are constantly complaining about everything and blaming everyone else, you will probably start doing the same things. However, if you want to be rich, surround yourself with people who support you and inspire you to be better and achieve more. Rich people like to be around people who are as interesting and inspiring as themselves.

15: Never follow

Everyone has that one friend who always has big ideas but never follows through on any of them. They always talk about how they will do it and achieve it, but they never actually do anything. This is something poor people usually do. They miss out on chances to succeed because they are unwilling to put in real effort.

Rich people, on the other hand, are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. They actually do the hard work instead of just talking about it. You might think their success came out of nowhere, but there is a lot of hard work behind it. After reading this you will be able to differentiate between rich and poor people.


Now it’s your choice, want to be rich or remain poor, if you want to be rich then follow the habits of rich people. If not then it’s up to you. It all starts with your inner side, with your thinking and mindset. Manage your thoughts, feelings, actions that lead to your results. Either you can control your mind or it controls you.
Hope this article will help you to think and act like a rich person. If you want to say something about this article, please leave a comment. Your positive criticism is highly welcomed.


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