5 Best Budgeting Apps for Couples to Manage Finances  

Do you and your partner want to join forces to tackle your shared financial goals this year? Then, using one of these best budgeting apps for couples is surely the answer.

These budgeting apps will make your daily life much easier, like asking yourself about the payment of bills, expenses, savings, and where you stand at the end of the month or year. It all could be sorted out for you and your family with the help of budgeting apps.

Now, the question is to pick the most suitable app for your needs; here are the top five best budgeting apps for couples running remarkably well at work.

Five Best Budgeting Apps for Couples to Track Spendings

1- Splitwise

As its name suggests, Splitwise works so that users can split the expenses. It simplifies the process by managing the shared payments, where users can input total costs, divide them, and keep tabs on who owes what.

This is the best budgeting app for couples, roommates, householders, travel companions, etc. It supports various currencies and provides friendly features like settling debt efficiently, alarming reminders, and streamlining group financial management.

 2- Pocket Guard

This app is worth considering because it has supportive features like a debt payoff planner that helps users manage their short-term and long-term payoff debts. The app smartly synchronizes every member’s account so that multiple incomes can be ordered and monitored.

You can easily track budgets, payments, spending, fees, bills, debts, etc. It helps you generate savings goals and keeps you on track. It also gives an extended history of your transactions and has a critical element of data transfer and storage.

You, your significant other, and others can use the same profile by sharing a username and password on different devices at your convenience. The free version of this best budgeting app enables you to create a budget, synchronize accounts, manage bills, and track your income. In contrast, the upgraded version with the payment will allow you to access more budgeting, more goals, and a debt payoff plan.

3- Good Budget

GoodBudget is an app based on the envelope-saving method; you and other members can create various envelopes for different budgeting categories like groceries, rent, bills, or savings.

Users can decide how much money they want to add to each envelope during each pay period, and when it’s time to pay the bill, one can pay from the designated envelope. The app will notify members.

The key features of this app are synchronization across multiple devices, unlimited accounts, envelopes, reminders, envelope filling, debt tracking, and reporting on the progress of debt and budget.

This best budgeting app enables users to create one account, access it on two devices, and have 20 envelopes to name with their choice. However, an upgraded paid version allows unlimited access to accounts and envelopes.

4- Personal Capital

This budgeting app is a money management software app for couples for thorough financial planning. Couples can manage their budgets and monitor the balances of their previous wallets.

This app has features like setting short-term and long-term planners for savings, education, and retirement.

It will help you keep tabs on your investments, provide a financial road map for the expected time, and provide a fee analyzer and feature to generate personalized smart strategies. It checks and gives updates on your investments, planners, and smart withdrawals.

5- You Need a Budget (YNAB)

This best budgeting app is excellent for couples who want to achieve specific financial goals by syncing their bank accounts, credit cards, and investment accounts once the user allows the app to access them.

This app is precious for couples who have joint bank accounts. They can allocate every spending penny according to their priorities.

YNAB is also known for its debt payment feature. It keeps you on track with your scheduled debt payments.

YNAB also provides superior customer support, information through budgeting blogs, educational resources, and information on how this app can benefit its users weekly.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best budgeting app is crucial for financial harmony among couples. These five and many other budgeting apps have unique features with many common smart features.

So, it all comes down to couples deciding what specific features they want or what financial goals they want to achieve together.

These best budgeting apps for couples can strengthen relationships by sharing responsibilities and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are budgeting apps safe for sharing financial information?

Choosing the best budgeting app is crucial to ensuring your shared information is safe and secure. Choose a robust security system, like encryption or a secure login system.

Can budgeting apps be synced between multiple devices?

Many couples look for the convenience of accessing their budgeting app on multiple devices, and some apps have this unique feature. You must ensure this feature’s availability on the app before choosing it.

Can budgeting apps automate bill payments?

Some of the best budgeting apps have this automation as a time-saving feature.

Can couples link up accounts without linking their bank accounts?

Yes, it is possible. For example, YNAB enables you to link your accounts without connecting directly to your bank accounts.

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